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Sales Preparation

Tips for Selling Your Home

Turn all lights on and open all blinds/curtains, remove everything off of countertops (not only does it look cleaner but it gives the appearance of a larger space which is very important in areas like the kitchen).

Remove all personal items if possible (family pictures on the refrigerator or framed around the house) you want all possible buyers to envision themselves in this home, by removing personal pictures you are no longer reminding them that they are walking through a strangers home.

It should go without saying BUT the home must be entirely clean, organized and tidy (beds made, junk should be organized or thrown away).


A Seller’s home is their home until the day they decide to list, once that decision is made the home becomes a product. A product that is going to be consumed by the marketplace, so you always want to ensure you put your best foot forward.

There are really simple ways that home-sellers can make dramatic differences to their homes for open houses. De-cluttering is key. Removing excess furniture and decorative items will make a house not only seem larger, but more accessible to the average potential buyer.

Simple aesthetic updates to your front door can make a huge difference, as well. It’s the first thing buyers see – an inviting door calls people in and sets the tone for the rest of the home. Good first impressions go a long way and can result in a relatively large return on investment.

Don’t lose your buyer before they even get inside.

Make sure leaves are raked, weeds are removed, and the lawn is mowed.

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